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Childs family... Before having Bryan train our dog, Ranger, I was afraid we might have to take him back to the breeder. As a puppy, ranger was very loving and very, very full of energy, so much energy that giving him a walk was almost impossible. He never listened and pulled so hard he injured my wifeís shoulder. One day, he got off leash, and he kept running away. It took me over an hour to get him captured. It was a game to him. He also would run through the house so fast that he would knock over my six-year-old son, Parker. He did not know his own strength. He also would scratch our face with his big paws. This was after graduating from Puppy 1 and Puppy 2 courses offered at Pet Smart.

Bryan came over to our house to meet Ranger. He told us that Ridgebacks are one of the most difficult breeds to train due to their stubborn personality. He also said that he would have him so obedient that he would walk by our side ever without a leash. He was true to his words. Ranger now can be walked without a leash, right by our side. One day, we were out in a field with Ranger, and he saw a rabbit and took off after it. After he got about 20 feet, he was flying. I shouted, "Come!" and Ranger did an about face and came right back to my side as fast as he could. I was shocked.

We would recommend Bryan to anyone who purchases a new puppy. The changes we have seen in Ranger are unbelievable, both on leash and off leash. I recommend doing both of these training courses; the off leash is critical. The great thing about Bryanís dog training method is that he keeps training the dog until he is fully trained and has mastered every command. Itís not a course, like many others, where there are a certain number of sessions, and if your dog doesn't change, too bad. Bryan gives you a hand written guarantee. Another great thing is that Bryan comes to your house and trains your dog for you, even while your not home. We would leave Ranger in the back yard, and the training would take lace while I was at work. This is great for busy schedules. Once the dog is ready, he brings the owners into the training and the dog seems to start listening to the ownerís commands almost instantly. Another great thing great thing is Bryan offers lifetime training. Anytime you have an issue, just give him a call and he will come back or give you advice over the phone. Thatís true service.

If it was not for having Bryan train Ranger, we would have had to get rid of him, or even worse, he might have run off and got hit by a car. Hiring Bryan as Rangerís trainer has given us the family pet we have always wanted. Thanks!
Joe Childs and family

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