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April 15, 2007

Baker and Min Pin... Just writing this letter to let everyone know what a great trainer Brian Hendricks is. At 18 months of age our male min pin pup, Cody, was a terror in the house. He chewed anything: pens, rugs, tubes of medicine. He was declaring his male dominance in the household. we couldn't get him trained to go to the bathroom outside or inside. we couldn't get him to settle down at night. He walked all hours of the night and destroyed anything he could get a hold of. He was also being very aggressive towards our female min pin, Sasha, who is 3 years old and much smaller than him. Ahe weighs 7 lbs and Cody weighs 18 lbs. We were on the verge of getting rid of Cody, but we loved him and didn't want to do that. We decided to call Brian and see what could be done with Cody.

Brian visited and informed us that we either had to have Cody trained or we would have to get rid of him because his behavior would get worse and not better. Brian promised us that he would deliver results and he did. now Cody and I can go for a walk together. Cody no longer pulls ahead of me. Brian also trained Cody with a remote control collar. Amazingly! Cody and I go out for short walks without me holding a leash and we use it to control him inside. Cody has now learned that in the morning before I leave for work, I will walk him and he does his business outside. I also walk him before I go to bed at night.

When we go out, he goes into a crate so that he doesn't get into any trouble. Brian made us a guarantee and he delivered. He trained with Cody for over 6 months. It was a struggle, but he delivered results. We are very happy with the outcome of the training. Cody is still a puppy and likes to get into trouble, but he is not aggressive towards us or Sasha and he listens to the word, NO. Many, many thanks to Brian Hendricks for a job well done.

The Baker Family
Ira, Susan, Gayle, Sasha and Cody

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