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Childs family...Testimonial, Alyssa & Kevin Levensten (owners of Rhodesian Ridgeback and GSD)

We reached out to Bryan because our 8 month old Rhodesian Ridgeback,
Barkley, was getting too challenging to walk and he would only listen…"

Hear Greg's testimony... Testimonial, Greg (Pitbull mix owner):

"I contacted Bryan because she wanted to attack roller blades and skateboards..."


Baker and Min Pin... Testimonial, Baker family (Miniature Pinscher owner):

"At 18 months of age our male min pin pup, Cody, was a terror in the house. He chewed anything: pens, rugs, tubes of medicine..."

Testimonial, Michelle Montgomery (American Bulldog owner):

"When he was about 18 months old, he began picking fights with other dog in our home. I signed up for an advanced obedience class with him..."

Testimonial, Betsy Dejewski (Professional Dog Walker):

"When I first started by business, I had problems getting the dogs to listen to me, especially when a head of deer was nearby..."

Testimonial, Buzz Miller, Owner Buzzy's Bow-wow-meow Narberth Pa (Shiba Inu and Mixed breed owner):

"Mickey was a real challenge. He was afraid of the world when we first saved him, giving him a final home after living in 4 different places in his young life..."

Testimonial, Alexandra Gripson: (Doberman owner)

"Doberman cross who showed signs of having been abused. I just loved her, but she was so fearful of people that I was afraid she would bite someone..."

Childs family... Testimonial, Joe Childs (Rhodesian Ridgeback Owner):

"Before having Bryan train our dog, Ranger, I was afraid we might have to take him back to the breeder..."

Testimonial, Margaret Mary Dolan (Miniature Poodle Owner):

"Daisy really had many behavior problems, and before I called Bryan, I was seriously considering putting Daisy to sleep..."

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