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Here at PDTS day sales are done a little differently than many people involved in the sales of high-end dogs. I only train one dog at a time for this purpose, and all training is done in my personal home, not a kennel to ensure you that besides receiving the absolute finest in obedience/ protection training that your dog will arrive in your home with a clear understanding of how to act inside your residence (EX. no jumping on furniture, proper housebreaking, chewing etc.). In addition I will train you extensively on how to handle your new dog in every situation. These dogs are guaranteed to have great nerves and will be your child's best friend and an intruder’s worst adversary. I work mostly with European Import German Shepherds for this purpose, but other working breeds can be imported, and trained upon request.

German Shepherd - Varo - SOLD to a family with 3 children in Indiana.

Click to see Varo's protection video.



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